Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So I just spent the last 7 months of my life working my under appreciated balls off as a Producer for 2 radio shows. I started off as an intern and quickly worked up the ranks to the glamorous position of In Studio Producer. Which is basically the hosts right hand man. It was a hell of a ride that allowed me the privilege of meeting some great musicians, actors, models, comedians, and random Hollywood want-a-be star fuckers. I spent the last 2 months training for the promotion and was given the job on January 18. The first week was hectic and I did make some minor mistakes. My first week as the In Studio Producer we had technical problems 3 out of the 5 days. This of course gave my boss the opportunity to explode with rage at the closest person in his remote vicinity which was your truly. I have never been an emotional persons and have also made it a life goal to wake up every morning with a smile on my face and be thankful for life. I did not let his explosive rage bother men and made the best out of the situation. I now have come to the conclusion that my calmness may have further enraged my boss. He seems to be one who love to have chaos around him and if chaos is absent that he will most definitely create some.

We had technicians in the studio the entire weekend to try and fix the problem. I went in on Sunday with the head Producer and gave the audio system a test drive. As far as we could tell the system was running like a champ and we were excited for what we thought was a promising week of radio excellence. Monday rolls around and the system is back fucked. Nothing is working and the ole boss is yelling at anyone who walks through the studio door. I have the luxury of already being in the studio with him for 7 hours straight so getting yelled at is nothing new for me.

We go through the entire day and produce 2 quality shows. After a morning speed bump and realization that the system not working we finished the day strong. The technicians arrive after the show and inform us that we have too many file for the out of date system, and about 11,000 corrupt files that is raising hell within our system. Our only options are to delete the files or get a new system. The option of deleting corrupt files was suggested to the boss but he refused. So as the technicians predicted, the system failed and everything went to shit. It was this guys first week so naturally it had to be my fault... right?

I get a call as I come back from my show at Second City from my Producer. He says there is no way to put this other than I'm out and the old guys who's job I took is back in. So after 6 days of getting promoted, 4 of the 6 days technicians were fixing failed computer systems, I get the shaft. I went to the office immediately and cleaned out my shit, took some pictures, and said good bye.

That was my Monday.

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